How to Paint
Windows & Window Trim

If the latest home design trends have you eyeing your outdated windows and wondering how to paint window trim like the pros, we’ve got answers! At Zibra, you’ll find not only the best advice for how to paint windows for a picture-perfect end result but the precision paintbrushes to turn your question of how to paint window frames and trim into an end result that screams, “look at how good my windows look!”

Let’s get started!

How to Paint Windows in Five Easy Steps
1. Pick a Paint Color & Type

When it comes to painting window trim, the color options to choose from are much less daunting than if you were to paint a room or piece of furniture. These days, a classic white or even matte black for a modern, contemporary look does just fine. When painting window trim, you may even decide to go with the same color as your wall or mix it up with a slightly darker shade of the wall color for a unique look. 

Assuming your window trim is wood, you’ll want to paint the window trim inside the home with high-quality latex gloss paint. If painting wood window frames and trim outside of your home, try a premium exterior gloss paint in either an oil or acrylic base. If you’re painting window trim made from metal or vinyl, we recommend using a paint and primer made specifically for the material being painted.
2. Gather Your Supplies

With your paint picked out and ready to go, it’s time to gather the right tools for the job. Here’s what you’ll need:

3. Prep

Before you can begin painting window frames and trim all over your home, you’ll want to clean off any dirt, dust, or surface markings with your cloth and warm, soapy water. Once your window sills and trim are dry and clean, tape any internal and external window parts you don’t want to get paint on.

4. Prime

If you’re going from a darker color to a lighter color, we recommend first priming your windows with a fresh coat of primer. You shouldn’t need more than one or two coats. If you’re simply refreshing your windows, a two-in-one paint and primer will do the trick. Let the primer dry fully before painting window frames with your final paint color.

5. Paint!

Once your primer is dry, begin painting window frames and trim working from the inside out. If you have grids on your windows, you’ll want to paint those first with one of the paintbrushes from your Detail Paintbrush Kit. For instance, the 1” Square Paintbrush makes quick work of painting narrow window grids, while the Palm Pro Paintbrush will tackle wider trim and hard-to-reach areas with ease.

Moving your way outwards, take your Cut-In Paintbrush and paint the outer portion of the window trim that meets the wall. 

Once the paint dries, assess your work. If it looks like it needs another coat, go for it. If not, carefully peel away your painter’s tape and marvel at your freshly painted window frames!

Planning Your Next Paint Project? Zibra Can Help!

When you need quick answers to questions like how to paint window trim or the best paintbrushes for painting window frames, Zibra makes it simple to find the answers you need and the inspiration to tackle that next home improvement paint project. For more helpful articles like how to paint windows, visit the Zibra How-To-Series. There, you’ll find out the easiest way to do pretty much anything paint-related, like How to Get Paint Out of ClothesHow to Paint Stair Railings, even How to Paint Kitchen Cabinets for an affordable kitchen transformation done right! 

From all of us at Zibra, Happy Painting!

Great for detail work
Square Paintbrush
Great for detail work
Detail Paintbrush Kit - 5 Piece
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