Paintbrush Kits

Designed for Application. Constructed to Last.

Any Home Painting Project
Rated 5.0 out of 5
Based on 111 reviews

Best of Zibra Paintbrush Kit-5 piece

Great for any project in your home: trim, furniture and detail work
Furniture Refinishing
Rated 5.0 out of 5
Based on 53 reviews

Furniture Paintbrush Kit - 4 Piece

The perfect combination for any furniture refinishing
Perfect compliment to any project
Rated 4.9 out of 5
Based on 30 reviews

Detail Paintbrush Kit - 5 Piece

All of the detail work around your home - windows, molding, spindles, corners and tight spaces and more
Crafting & Hobbies
Rated 5.0 out of 5
Based on 11 reviews

Crafting Paintbrush Kit - 3 Piece

Great for detail & general purpose projects
Holiday Limited Quantity
Rated 5.0 out of 5
4 Reviews

Holiday Best of Zibra Kit - 5 piece

Great for any project in your home: trim, furniture and detail work
Smoothest brush yet!

Top Coat Paintbrush Kit - 3 Piece

Each brush is engineered and crafted with filaments replicating natural bristles, giving you even greater paint pick-up and release with a silky, smooth finish.
Holiday Collection - Limited Quantity

Holiday Best of Zibra Kit with Top Coat Brush- 5 piece

Great for any project in your home: trim, furniture and detail work

Cyber Monday Kit - 7 Piece

The ultimate kit! With 7 brushes you will be ready to tackle any painting project, big or small! Limited quantity available.
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$73.95 $86.50
The Perfect Gift!
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Zibra Paint Brush Kits: Designed for Application. Constructed to Last.

Not all paintbrushes are created equal. At Zibra, we only offer the best paint brush sets and accessories on the market.

The Right Brushes for the Right Project

When you have a project to complete, it is important to find the right paint brush set for your specific needs. You need paintbrushes that are made to last, comfortable to hold and easy to use. With kits available for adults and professionals, we offer a variety of paint brush sets so you can choose the best brush shapes and sizes for your project.

Detailed & Furniture Brush Kits

For furniture refinishing, choose our 4 piece Furniture Paintbrush Kit. For detail work around your home, our Detail Paintbrush Kit offers 5 high-quality brushes to easily detail windows, moldings and small, tight spaces. All home projects can be completed quickly and professionally with the variety of brushes included in our 5 piece Best of Zibra Paintbrush Kit.

Crafting Brush Set

For crafters who need the best paint brush set for creative projects, our 3 piece Crafting Paintbrush Kit is the perfect option. With three diverse brushes, you can complete any general or detailing craft. Anyone can find the tools they need for their creative projects by exploring our large selection of Paintbrushes and Painting Accessories.

The Zibra Difference

If you need a high-quality, professional paint brush set that doesn’t break the bank, we are your one-stop-shop. Regardless of which paintbrush kit you choose for your painting and detailing project, you will experience The Zibra Difference: paintbrushes that are constructed to last. 


With distinct ergonomic designs, including our exclusive rounded, hour-glass shaped handle design, each brush is created specifically for the projects it is best suited for. Our ultra-smooth bristle technology experienced through every stoke makes for an easy and fun painting experience.

Convenient Storage Pouches

Each of our paintbrush kits comes with a uniquely designed storage pouch. Do you know someone who needs a paint brush set for home projects? Gift them with our Best of Zibra 5 piece Paintbrush Kit. It comes with a free canvas storage pouch, perfect for your paint brush storing needs.

Regardless of your project, we have the best paint brush sets available for every taste, need, and budget. Not sure which professional paint brush set is right for you, take our short Brush Finder Quiz, and we’ll recommend the perfect brush for your project!

Shop our collection of the best paint brush sets today!

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