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A Redesigned Open It!
Our best design yet! The Open It! is a 4-in-1 utility tool with the ability to cut, slice, snip, and unscrew, helping to open any packaging with speed, efficiency, and safety. Fitted with angled blades, a retractable razor blade, and a pull-out screwdriver, the Open It! can cut through tough plastic, zip ties, cardboard, flower stems, thin wires, and more.
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Best of Zibra Kit
Great kit for tackling any project in your home. The Best of Zibra kit includes: 1- Round, 1- Square, 1-Triangle, 1-2" Cut-In Stubby, 1- 2" Chiseled Wedge + a free large canvas bag for paintbrush storage!
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Furniture Refinishing Kit
The right combination of brushes to tackle any furniture refinishing project. Furniture Kit includes: 1-2" Cut-In Stubby, 1-2" Chiseled Wedge, 1-2.5" Trim + a free canvas bag for paintbrush storage!
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Speed Drop
Simply DROP on the floor, KICK into place and PAINT. Conveniently covers all floors and furniture tops. Ships in a pack of 6 - 84" x 24" each.
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Detail Kit
A combination of all of our detail brushes to take on multiple painting applications in the home. Detail kit includes: 1- Round, 1- Triangle, 1- Fan, 1- 2" Cut-In Stubby + a free canvas bag for paintbrush storage!
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And The Winner Of The Zibra Furniture Flip Challenge Is...
Our Host, Jen Talley of Perfectly Imperfect Furniture, announces the winner of Zibra’s Fall Furniture Flip's! See who's “Ugly Duckling to a Beautiful Swan” won! (LINK WILL BE ACTIVE AT 10AM ON WED. MORNING)
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Open It!

Our new Open it features angled blades designed to cut through plastic, zip ties, cardboard, flower stems and so much more. The handle has two features - retractable razor blade and pull out screwdriver. Any package bought at a store or shipped online - it will OPEN IT!

Perfect Tool for your Kitchen Drawer
Opening Boxes
Cutting Open Plastic Packaging
Snipping Zip Ties
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Why Choose Zibra?

We are the only brush company that designs paintbrushes with the application in mind. Our quality is unparalleled, crafted with the finest materials from the outer shell to inner construction. Zibra’s proprietary blend of filaments were designed for the smoothest paint release and long-lasting durability.

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Project: Dresser
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Brush Used: Square Paintbrush
I bought one of your brushes and I LOVE IT! The product number is 875081001044. I think I bought it at a Home Depot. I am not a professional painter by any means, but I haven't painted a lot over the years. I always use tape because I just can't seem to cut in without making mess, that is until I bought your brush. I was able to cut in next to the ceiling with no problem at all. Like most manufacturers I am sure you get your fair share of complaints, so I wanted to give you a big thumbs up. I will have to give some of your other brushes a try. Thanks for making such a useful product.
Steve N.
Project: Mural
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Brush Used: Square Paintbrush
I am mural painter and absolutely love Zibra brushes. It's the only brush I use now, so we are stocking up for my next mural projects.
Will B.
Project: Office
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Brush Used: Chiseled Wedge
My two favorite brushes are the square & 2" chiseled wedge, the only brushes I used for the entire office. I love how smooth a finish I can get. In the office, thinly brushing on the paint helped to keep the gorgeous wood grain visible. Once I found Zibra I stopped using really expensive imported brushes that were supposed to give me the finish I get with your brushes, but they didn’t.
Kathryn R.
Project: Walls
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Brush Used: 2" Trim & Edging Brush
I went to Home Depot to buy a Purdy cleancut paintbrush. They were sold out. So I reluctantly bought your 2" angled trim brush. Man, was I impressed. This brush is better than the Purdy. I actually went to two stores to buy the Purdy. It held its shape, it held the paint. It ran a true line. I'm giving it five stars! I write to complain about stuff, but you have a winner here. You have a new fan, thank you
Thomas K
Project: Laundry Room
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Brush Used: Chiseled Wedge Brush
The chiseled wedge paintbrush is my favorite go to brush when painting large flat surfaces on my furniture pieces! After using other less expensive options for several years, I decided to try Zibra's Chiseled Wedge paint brush for an unfinished wood cabinet I was painting for my daughter's laundry room. I loved how SMOOTH the chalk paint looked after applying it with this brush!
Patty B.

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