How to Paint a Room Fast

Whether your office space needs brightening or your child grew up and is no longer a fan of their bright pink or green walls, a fresh coat of paint is a quick way to update the look and feel of any room, and the easiest way to paint a room is to paint your walls and trim all one color in flat paint.

Learn how to paint a room in six easy steps!

Step 1: Patch and Stand

Rather than just throwing paint on your walls right away, the best way to paint a room is first to take time to prepare your walls for paint. This quick and easy step will help your paint job look more professional. Patch any holes with spackling paste, and sand the surface to ensure the hole is gone and flush with the rest of the wall.

Step 2: Clean the Walls

Next, clean your walls. This step is crucial if you’re looking for the fastest way to paint a room. While it takes time initially, it saves time in the long run because you won’t have to go back over your paint job multiple times.

If your walls have dust, dirt, or spider webs on them and you don’t clean them first, you will paint the grime to the wall, which is very visible. So, first, dust your walls, and then use a wet rag to wipe any excessive dirt. If there are stains, you can use an all-purpose cleaner to wipe them off. Just make sure you remove all residue from the cleaner before painting the walls. Be sure also to dust the baseboards and trim for the same purpose

Step 3: Roll the Walls

The fastest way to paint a room is to use a roller brush to paint the largest surface of your walls because a roller brush covers surfaces more quickly. There are various roller sizes, but the most common is a 9” roller brush.

During this step, don’t worry about your paint not making it to the ceiling or the edge of the walls. That comes later. This step focuses on painting the large surfaces only, which is the easiest way to paint a room.

Step 4: Paint the Trim

When painting the trim, you’ll want to use a Square Paintbrush for your window grinds and ledges. Designed with a 1” brush head that is strategically created to fit perfectly in most window mullions, a square window brush is the best way to paint a room with windows.   

When it’s time to cut in and paint the small spaces of your trim, use a Palm Pro Paintbrush. The handle is small and uniquely shaped to ensure your hand doesn’t get in the way when painting tight spaces. It is how to paint a room quickly while not missing any of the details. 
Step 5: Paint the Corners of the Wall

Use a Triangle Paintbrush designed to paint the corners of a wall in one quick and easy stroke. Precision and accuracy are key when painting corners, and using a paintbrush designed for the job is the easiest way to paint a room.

Step 6: Paint the Molding

Last but not least, using a Chiseled Wedge Paintbrush, finish updating your room by painting the molding. Because the molding is close to the ceiling, you’ll need to be very careful not to get excess paint on the ceiling. To do this, you can spend time taping off the area. Or, you can use the chiseled wedge paintbrush, which is designed to get paint everywhere you want it and nowhere you don’t. If you’re wondering how to paint a room quickly, it’s probably because you don’t have the time to spend taping off the edges before painting. To avoid this, use the right paintbrushes designed for the job at hand. 

Now you know the best way to paint a room and how to paint a room quickly. Next, get your hands on all of the paintbrushes you need to complete your next project, including large surface paintbrushes and detail paintbrushes. While some people may have a few paintbrushes on hand, others may need a whole new paintbrush kit. Fortunately, you can get all of the brushes and painting accessories you need at Zibra.
Great for detail work
Triangle Paintbrush
Great for detail work
Chiseled Wedge Paintbrush
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