How to Get Paint
Out of Clothes

Painting is a fun and easy way to revitalize a room, craft, or piece of furniture, but in the instance paint finds its way to more than just the intended object, like your shirt or jeans, for example, it helps to know how to get paint out of clothes.  

Today, we’ll share the four simple steps to help you get paint out of clothes.

How to Get Paint out of Clothes in Four Easy Steps
Step 1: Scrape Off Any Excess Paint

Whether you are in the middle of a project or you are done painting, getting paint out of clothes starts with scraping off the excess paint before applying any cleaning solutions or water to the area. This helps eliminate the spreading of paint on your clothes and makes removing paint out of clothes much easier.

Step 2: Run Warm Water Over the Stain

Diluting paint with water should be done for several minutes, or until the stain starts to disappear. Rinsing from the backside can reduce the spread of the stain, but be careful to not splatter paint-stained water where you are working. Note that the heavier the garment, the longer you will need to rinse the paint-stained area.

Step 3: Hand Wash the Stained Area

Hand washing the paint-stained area is an important step for how to get paint out of clothes. There are three ways to clean your clothes that you can try depending on what you have available. 

1. Dish Soap or Laundry Detergent

Mix dish soap or laundry detergent and gently apply the cleaning solution to the stain. Resist the urge to rub or scrub the stained area, as that can make the stain worse and potentially fade the garment. Continue to apply the solution and rinse from the backside until the paint is gone.

2. Common Household Items

For a more natural approach for how to get dried paint out of clothes, use a mixture of equal parts salt, vinegar, and ammonia. Apply the solution to the stain, and rinse from the backside until the paint is gone.

3. Hairspray and Hand Sanitizer

Hairspray and hand sanitizer both contain a small amount of alcohol which can be used to get paint out of clothes. Use a small amount of either, and apply it to the paint-stained area. Rinse from the backside until the paint is gone. 

Step 4: Machine Wash the Stained Area

Once you’ve completed steps 1-3 for how to get dried paint out of clothes, it’s time to throw your garment in the washer for a normal wash. But before you do, be sure that all of the paint is removed. If not, it could make the stain worse and cause big problems in your washing machine.

Avoid Paint Stains Altogether with Protective Paint Accessories!

Sometimes, regardless of how many times you repeat the cleaning process, you may not be able to remove all of the paint from your clothing. If you are unable to get paint out of clothes, you may need to designate the garments for future painting projects. 

Of course, using painting accessories like a painting apron can reduce the opportunity for paint to find its way to your clothing, saving you time and hassle from not having to worry about how to get paint out of clothes! Visit Zibra today for more great painting accessories and ultra-absorbent paintbrushes and paintbrush kits to cut down on drips altogether!
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