Dip Dye Candlesticks

By Brie Hansen August 02, 2020 1 comment(s)
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Dip Dye Candlesticks

Easy dip dye technique sure to brighten up any tablescape!


Step 1

Tip: Get your local home supplies store to cut the pine wood for you. Use a flat or auger bit, 7/8" diameter and drill a 1" deep hole into one end of your cut wood blocks. Dip each of the wood blocks into WATER before you begin the dye process. (This helps the wood to absorb the dye better.)

Step 2

Mix the dye in various levels in your containers. You will use hot water and the amount of dye you need to reach the shade of color you desire. Tip: The more dye you use, the less time you will need to leave the wood block in to soak. Place the tallest block in the lowest level of dye mixture and the shortest block in the highest level of dye mixture. Tip: Use a spray water bottle to mist the edge of dye to encourage it to "seep" up the wood block randomly. Let first color sit in dye for 30 minutes.

Step 3

Second color water levels should be lower in order for the color to saturate only halfway up the first color dyed. Let the second color sit in dye for 15 minutes (half the time of first color).

Step 4

Place your wood blocks on a plastic sheeting and allow to dry overnight.

Finishing Touches

Purchase candlesticks in colors that will accentuate your dip-dyed candlesticks!
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