Watercolor Catch All Dish

By Brie Hansen August 04, 2020 0 comment(s)
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Watercolor Catch All Dish

A Place for Everything!

Paper clips. Stick pins. Rubber bands. Now, have a colorful home on your desk surface!


Ceramic dishes. Round paintbrush. Porcelain paint. Wooden spoon. One cup of water.

Step 1

Prepare your paint colors.

Step 2

Add paint to a section of the dish. Add water to your brush and start to dab it on the unpainted area of your dish.

Step 3

Start to move the water around in a swirling motion. Use a wooden spoon to elevate the dish in order to allow the paint to run back to the most saturated part of dish. Wait about 10 minutes and then move the paint around again to create more watercolor effect. Wait another 10 minutes, let dry a little, and then use swirling motion until your design is how you want it. Repeat process for all 4 dishes.

Finishing Touches

Add color to your work space by utilizing these dishes to keep your clips, pins, and rubber bands!
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