Prepare Your Porch For Winter
With These Five Winter Porch Ideas

As summer draws to a close and the cooler months parade in, it may be a good time to start preparing your home for winter, starting with your front porch. Preparing your porch is especially important if you live in an area where harsh winter conditions are normal since standing water, snow, and ice can lead to weak spots and damage, not to mention ruin your outdoor furniture!

Five Winter Porch Ideas To Try Before the Snow Flies

Today, we’ll share exactly how to prepare your wood porch for winter so you can give your winter porch decor a safe and solid foundation from which to spread holiday cheer. 

1. Protect or Remove Furniture

Between the temperature changes, melting ice, freezing water, and blustery winds, winter weather can wreak havoc on outdoor furniture. That’s why our winter porch idea number one is to protect or remove any unnecessary porch furniture. This simple step will not only help keep your porch or patio furniture in good condition for years to come, but it will also make room for new winter front porch decor and decorating ideas to bring your porch to life.

2. Remove Leaves, Dirt & Debris

After a summer of fun in the sun and an autumn full of falling leaves, your front porch is typically the final stop for dirt and debris. That’s why before you do any other front porch prep, it’s important to remove any dirt, debris, and leaves from your front porch. 

Why is this so important? Because these items can build up between floorboards and on the deck, giving snow and ice more opportunity to leave behind wood-rotting moisture, which of course can lead to damage, so give that front porch a good clean

3. Inspect for Mold, Mildew, Weak Spots, or Loose Railings, Steps

Now that your front porch is free and clear of lingering debris, it’s time to inspect for things like mold, mildew, weak spots, loose railings, steps, and anything else that could create a problem for you in the near, or distand future. For instance, it’s not uncommon for mold or mildew to grow during the hot, humid summer months, but when left untreated, it can lead to wood rot or weakening. Replace or reinforce any weak spots, and check to ensure there are no weak, broken, or loose steps or railings. You will appreciate this attention to detail come wintertime when stable footing is vital to your safety.

4. Paint

It may seem counterproductive now, but painting your porch before heading into the colder months can help protect your porch from winter weather. Unlike stain, which penetrates the wood, oil-based porch paint helps create a protective film over the wood while effectively filling in cracks and covering any imperfections there may be. As a bonus, porch paint offers more rot resistance and UV protection, making it a protective option for any time of the year.

Using the right paintbrush and painting accessories for the job is going to make your painting job even easier, too. For instance, the Chiseled Wedge Paintbrush makes painting edging, trim, and flat surfaces a breeze. It even makes the job of adding extra paint to weather-exposed areas simple, which is a must if any of your porch is likely to experience the brunt of the bad weather.

5. Add Porch Baseboards

Baseboards play a very important role both inside and outside of the home. Without baseboards, moisture, water, dirt, debris, critters, and whatever else you can think of could find its way into your basement, walls, or crammed between the porch and the house. Not only does adding porch baseboards create a more aesthetically pleasing look, but it also helps keep wood-damaging things out. If you have windows on your porch, you can further button up the space with shutters.

Once your baseboard is installed, add even more protection by caulking and sealing it in place. Then, finish the baseboard and/or shutter installation by painting them to match the rest of your home with a detail paintbrush from Zibra.

The Triangle Paintbrush is your best bet for effortlessly painting corners, raised panels, and detail molding. Or, get the best paintbrushes for any job in one place with a paintbrush kit!

Celebrate Your Accomplishments with Winter Porch Decor!

Now that you’ve mastered the art of preparing your porch for winter, it’s time to treat yourself to new and festive winter front porch decorating ideas. Winter porch decor is an easy way to warm up the look of your porch on even the coldest of winter days and offers a welcoming look to friends, family, and of course, the Amazon delivery guy.

Choose Zibra Paintbrushes For Home Improvement Done Right

Whether you’re buttoning up the outside for winter’s arrival or staying warm and cozy inside tackling those much-needed paint projects, Zibra makes it easy to find the best paintbrushes, How-To guides, and paint-spiration for any home improvement project on your list. Browse the Zibra Blog today to see just what magic you can create this holiday season or any time of year with Zibra paintbrushes!

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Great for detail work
Detail Paintbrush Kit - 5 Piece
Great for detail work
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