How to Paint a Bedroom

If you're looking to refresh or elevate your bedroom, check out these 4 DIY paint projects below! 

And the best part is they will not break the bank (or your back) but will brighten up your otherwise lackluster bedroom. Each bedroom project idea below involves a slightly higher level of commitment, so you can decide just how much change you'd like to see!

4 Ideas to Refresh Your Bedroom

Bedroom Paint Idea #1: Paint the trim

Over time, fingerprints, pets, and dings can slowly dull and damage the trims around your doors and windows. A fresh coat of paint can easily give your bedroom a facelift without making any drastic changes. You’d be amazed at how much brighter the room will feel with freshly painted trim. The best paint brush for trim is the Zibra Trim Paintbrush, which features an angled brush for a smooth application specifically for this job. You can also learn how to paint window trim in five easy steps with the Zibra Square Paintbrush

Bedroom Paint Idea #2: Paint the backs of built-ins

Built-in shelves add a certain level of comfort and sophistication to any room, but they also provide a great opportunity to add some more personality to the space they’re in! Why not add a pop of color to the backs of the built-ins to create some dimension in your bedroom and some much-needed color? The best paint brushes for the job will be the Flat Paintbrush for smooth coverage and long paint runs, as well as the Zibra Cut In Paintbrush to get those corners without accidentally painting the sides of the built-in. Learn how to cut-in edge when painting for the cleanest project ever.Photo Credit: Better Homes & Garden

Bedroom Paint Idea #3: Add an accent wall

Next, we move up the commitment scale another notch, with an accent wall that can completely change your bedroom. In addition to adding dimension, an accent wall can give the room more style and draw attention to a part of the room that was previously overlooked. Working with your current color scheme, it can be easy to add a pop of color so that you wake up to a cozy, stylish space. For this project you’ll need the Zibra Flat Paintbrush for easy wall painting, and the Triangle Paintbrush to get those corners where the accent wall meets its neighbor. Follow these easy steps to paint those corners without making a mess.

Photo Credit: @sittingprettyhomedecor

Bedroom Paint Idea #4: Add texture with wood slats

If you’re really ready to take your bedroom’s style up a notch, then look no further than wood slats. Wood slats can add texture, sophistication, and a modern feel to any wall. First you’ll want to remove your baseboard, paint the wall (using the Zibra Flat Paintbrush), cut the slats so that they fit from floor to ceiling (or you can create interesting designs by adding the slats into geometric shapes on the wall), sand the slats, paint or stain them using our Square Paintbrush (which is made specifically for narrow molding), and then attach the slats to the wall.

Photo Credit: Andor Willow

When whatever project you’ve chosen is complete, don’t forget to properly clean your paint brushes so that they last longer!


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