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No matter what your design aesthetic may be, the home interior paint ideas of 2021 have put diversity in the driver’s seat. Just like our favorite 2021 Bedroom Painting Ideas, adding your favorite colors, patterns, and looks to the rest of your home with the best 2021 wall painting ideas.

Our Favorite Home Painting Ideas in 2021

Today, we will share with you the expressive home interior paint ideas we love so far in 2021 so that you can start dreaming and planning your next home interior painting projects.

Warmth & Light

Warm and inviting walls will always be a staple in home interior painting. Not only do light, neutral colors create the feeling of spaciousness, they can also help a room feel more inviting. You’ll want to incorporate some light and neutral colors throughout the home to complement these next home interior painting trends!

Behr has captured the essence of comfort with their 2021 Color of the Year, Canyon Dusk.

The contrasting walls in this modern minimalist home are the perfect way to create a warm and welcome space while showcasing a favorite accent piece. Photo courtesy of Kam Idris.

Bold & Earthy Tones of the ‘70s

After analyzing their Annual Designer Survey, 1st Dibs reported that 2021 was bound to see nature-inspired patterns take over home design in 2021.

Although we’ve swapped the shag carpeting and pea-green furniture for more natural, upscale accents, the nature-inspired paint colors of the ‘70s are back and better than ever. More specifically, the resurgence of ‘70s inspired jewel tones like emerald green, dark blue, burnt orange, and mustard yellow. It makes perfect sense, too! After all, these gorgeous bohemian-era colors add a grounded feeling to the spaces we’ve been spending much time in this past year, offering the humble comfort we crave after a hectic day.

Suffice it to say, incorporating the natural beauty of the great outdoors into your home interior painting and design ideas is definitely a worthy endeavor.

We love the way these white, blue, and natural accents pop against a dark blue wall.

Photo courtesy of DIY  Painting Tips.

The combination of yellows and grays colors in this eclectic kitchen offer a feeling of warmth and optimism we could all use in the morning.

Photo courtesy of The Nordroom.

With hues of blue and emerald greens, 2021 is the year of deep, natural colors.

Photo courtesy of Life Daily.

Now you can get the 70’s-inspired color palettes you want (sans the shag carpeting) with Sherwin Williams ‘70s-Inspired Color Palettes!

Pictured here is the Boho Color Palette featuring the paint colors Palm LeafGorgeous White, and Greek Villa.

This Vintage Orange ‘70s Style Rainbow Stripes Wall Mural isn’t afraid to make a statement, so you shouldn’t be either!

A Mix of Pattern & Texture

They say too much of a good thing can be bad, which is why we’re loving the idea of accenting a room with unique paint patterns, textured wood accent walls, archways, and printed or hand-painted wallpaper. Mixing textures is a perfect way to add depth and warmth to your home, and we’re all for it!

Showcase the beautiful architectural design features throughout your home with a paint color that makes them stand out, like these painted white arched shelves! Photo courtesy of Insider.

Did you know there are custom wall paper companies out there like She She that will actually collaborate with you to create a one-of-a-kind wallpaper for your home or business, like the one pictured above?

Photo courtesy of Design Sponge.

Okay, so maybe wallpaper doesn’t exactly qualify as a paint trend, but it’s definitely one of the most popular interior design trends of 2021! The return of wallpaper has given homeowners the chance to “let loose” with one-of-a-kind looks while breaking up an otherwise monotonous four walls. Wallpaper is available in thousands of printed and hand-painted designs that everyone can find one they absolutely adore.

As for paneling, we’ve seen a big uptick in wood paneling accents to break up a large space and add the perfect backdrop to any room!

This bathroom has taken the challenge of mixing texture and color and mastered it to create the bathroom of our dreams!

Photo courtesy of The Interiors Addict.

This modern wood accent wall in the color “Current Mood” by Clare provides the perfect backdrop to this neutral nursery! 
Photo Courtesy of Within The Grove

Here’s another textured backdrop we’re loving (we think the pup loves it, too). Photo courtesy of @alilorden.

After a year filled with so much uncertainty, there’s one thing we know for sure: the 2021 wall painting ideas for home are centered around grounding and self-expression. To help bring your home painting ideas to life, Zibra has the Paintbrush Kits to paint every last nook and cranny you want, and the Painting Accessories to help keep clean the ones you don’t. Shop today to discover the difference Zibra paintbrushes can make in your next home interior painting project. 

As always -- Happy Painting!

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