3 Bathroom
Paint Ideas You’ll Love

2021 is all about creating warm and inviting spaces, and the bathroom is no exception! If you’re looking for some bathroom paint ideas, these trending ideas for large and small bathroom paint ideas are sure to inspire you! Let’s dive in.

3 Bathroom Painting Ideas You Won’t Regret Doing

We’re loving how this blend of neutral walls, floors, and

cabinets accentuates the feeling of warmth and light.

Photo Courtesy of @lindyegalloway

1. Neutral Walls

If you’ve ever looked at your bathroom walls in disgust and wondered, “Why the heck did I choose this color?” Then this one's for you. When it comes to your walls, neutral is the way to go for creating a light bathroom you’ll love to show off.

Trading those bright colored walls for a neutral white paid off for this HGTV bathroom remodel!

Not only are neutral walls a timeless option that give you the design freedom to change the overall style, if and when you feel like it, but they also make it easier to add a focused design to your space (hint: that’s a good thing!). 

Creating a focal point can completely change the look of a room (and the feeling you get when you step into it), which can have a significant impact on your resale value. Though, you may not want to sell once you see how beautiful your finished project turns out!

What’s more, small bathrooms need all the help they can get to feel open and spacious, and a neutral wall color can make that job much easier! Some of the most popular neutral bathroom colors we see today are soft variations of greys, whites, pinks, blues, greens, and tan.

Contrary to popular belief, neutral colors are anything but boring,

as these popular neutral swatches will show you!

Photo Courtesy of Valentina Di Roma

2. Contrast with Color & Texture

This gorgeous bathroom perfectly depicts how contrasting with

colors and textures can transform the look of any room.

Photo courtesy of @rachelhalvorson

Listen, we’re not saying you have to give up all color. In fact, we encourage you to contrast with it; and since your walls are a gorgeous neutral shade, this will be super easy to do! Contrasting with color can be done with a painted (or wallpapered) accent wall, a freshly painted vanity, a great vintage rug...the possibilities are endless!

Even small bathrooms can get the royal treatment with a
painted accent wall and carefully chosen fixtures!
Photo Courtesy of HomeBunch.
3. Paint that Vanity!

Neutral walls and floors make this blue bathroom vanity really pop!

Photo courtesy of Decoist

One major trend we’re seeing is painting bathroom cabinets or vanities. Next to the neutral walls, your painted vanity will pop, creating that focal point you want. Now when it comes to painting a bathroom vanity, color choice all comes down to personal preference.

If replacing your vanity isn’t in the budget, a fresh coat of paint and some

updated fixtures can bring your vanity back to life!

Photo Courtesy of The Home Depot

As we’ve said in our 2021 bedroom painting ideas, we always recommend narrowing down your paint selection based on a color you already love rather than what’s trending at the moment. With so many shades and variations available today, we’re certain you’ll find a gorgeous color you’ll absolutely love. All in all, painting a bathroom vanity is a great small bathroom paint idea for adding a focal point in an otherwise limited space.
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