Door for Days

By Brie Hansen August 27, 2020 0 comment(s)
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Doors for Days

Knock-knock. Who's There? Doors. Doors Who? The doors you adore!


This door, with its brass knob, is the perfect shade of blue/gray to pair with the bold vanity and tile floor. The mystery? What's behind door number gray?


Pretty in Pink! This entry appears to take you from mudroom to the interior of the home. The pink is unexpected, and yet is an enticement to open and enter to see what other surprises lie ahead!


A different take on the classic French door. The shade of gray, the hardware, and the large rectangular panes are a subtle and lovely choice of entry.


Here's a front door making a statement! The bold use of paint and architectural appeal is over the top and makes one want to walk in and see what is on the other side!


What isn't there to love about this home entry? The foliage, the brick, the large concrete pots and the shade of green is organic and gives a vintage welcome to, "Come in and stay a while!"
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