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By Brie Hansen August 25, 2020 0 comment(s)
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5 Libraries that Make you Want to Read a Book

So Many Books - Not Enough Shelves!

Home libraries! As a reader, I can get envious looking at all of these lovely rooms. Each one with its own unique personality. Let's take an in-depth look at each space.


Nina has brought an element of Asian-Modern into this library. The floor-to-ceiling glass, the unusual woven side chair, the chaise, the floor lamp, and the ladder create a modern, comfortable flair to a home library. The books are displayed, spine out, with very few knickknacks. Perhaps a glass of wine and a travel photo book would be my selection in this space.

@white_and_faded @ouroldcountryhouse

The elegance of the home library is captured in this open, modern farmhouse room, complete with crystal chandelier. The shelves are a bit disheveled, giving the aura of frequent use. This space offers a sophisticated shout-out to come and read! I may show up with a cuppa Earl Grey!


Industrial modern home library, with wood rather than typical steel beams, creates a luxurious and large space for homeschooling, and serious studying. The numerous shelves and cubbies house a large array of books, magazines, and journals. Bric-a-brac is at a minimal here and presents a serious space for serious work. Time spent in this room demands a good, stout roast of coffee in a man-size mug!


A welcoming and cozy room, which almost demands one to come in, grab a book, a cup of tea and get comfy! This space has many design elements showing off. The book spines are not visible - creating look-alike rows of books. The pillow and the vase of flowers perfectly coordinated. Unique tchotchkes like the antique sew machine and old time piece add a bit of nostalgia. The mystery of not knowing which book to select draws me in. A China cup, filled to the brim with an English Breakfast tea will accompany the reader!


More than a home library - this space offers a study, a den, and, we can assume a view being framed by the draperies and transom window! The collector is at home in this place - beautifully displayed pewter and Mercury glass, globe, framed quotes fill the shelves with their personal prized pieces. The books are almost an aside, yet the ladder adds the element of an English Library. Kick your feet up on the ottoman table and sip on your favorite cocktail.
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