Clay Pots

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Clay Pots

The Perfect Clay Pot

These small, handcrafted clay pots will give you the excuse you need to begin a collection of small succulents.


Air dry clay. Acrylic paint. A knife. A pencil. A Zibra Round Paintbrush.

Step 1

Roll into ball - Use fingers to pinch in center and work around outside to form pot shape. Make sure all walls are consistent in thickness about 1 cm thick. If any areas are too thin, grab another ball of clay and blend into thin area. Will be creating two different pots using two different techniques. Let dry for 24 hours.

Step 2

Push end of pencil in clay to create dot texture. Use a knife to cut different sized facets in side of pot. The cuts can be organic, different sizes and shapes.

Step 3

Let the clay dry out for at least 3 days before you paint. Use the Zibra Round brush to paint these with white (or any color) acrylic paint. If you like the au naturale look, leave clay natural with no paint!

Finishing Touches

Have fun shopping for all the miniature succulents that are so popular now!
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