Clay Vases

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Clay Vases

Air Dry Clay Vase

An all-natural vase to display nature's beauty!


Crayola air dry clay. Rolling pin. Mason jar or empty can. Zibra's Fan paintbrush. Acrylic paint.

Step 1

Using parchment paper on your work top surface, roll the clay into a sheet with an even thickness - be patient and work with the clay and rolling pin.

Step 2

Use a mason jar or an empty can as a mold for the vase, which will create a watertight interior for the vase. Leave the edges "torn."

Step 3

Smooth out with fingers or the rolling pin. Let the clay vase dry for 2-3 days before painting. Use acrylic paint, color of your choice, and the Zibra Fan brush to paint with.

Finishing Touches

This watertight vase is the perfect receptacle for summer bouquets from your children or tree/shrub branches gathered from a nature hike.
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