Gold Leaf Coasters

By Brie Hansen September 10, 2020 0 Comments
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Gold Leaf Coasters

Add a little funk and fun to your entertaining style!


Ceramic coasters. Gold leaf foil. Painters tape. Mod Podge. Gold leaf adhesive. Fan Zibra brush.

Step 1

Use painters tape to create a design on your coasters.

Step 2

Use metal leaf adhesive to spray onto your coaster before applying gold leaf; make sure it is tacky - not too wet.

Step 3

Use gloves to protect the foil from the oil on your hands. Place foil over coaster, use Zibra brush to smooth out. Repeat process of adhesive and foil, until the coaster is covered to your liking.

Step 4

Let dry - peel off tape.

Finishing Touches

Use Mod Podge and your fan brush to seal the coaster. Now, you are ready to use your one-of-a-kind coasters! Enjoy!
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