2021 Bedroom
Painting Ideas

2021 interior design is all about making a statement,
and these 2021 bedroom painting ideas are no exception!

Whether you’re on the search for gorgeous master bedroom paint ideas,
accent wall painting ideas for bedrooms or nurseries, or simply
wish to change up the look of your guest bedroom, Zibra has the
creative painting ideas to spark inspiration and the paintbrush kits
you need to bring your bedroom paint ideas to life!

5 Inspiring Bedroom Painting Ideas for 2021

The paint colors you choose say a lot about your personality. So when it’s time to dive into new bedroom paint ideas, selecting the colors and hues that excite you will make you happier in the long run.

Photo courtesy of Architectural Digest

Bright & Bold

From bold cobalt blues to inviting oranges, choosing an expressive color for your bedroom could be just the thing you need to help you get out of bed awake and energized in the morning. Bright colors represent cheer and energy and are one of the easiest ways to make a statement in a bedroom (or any room, for that matter!). Don’t be afraid to change the colors up from wall to wall, or choose a bold accent wall to make a small space look bigger, or create a focal point in a large room!

Photo by: Michael Moran

Dark & Distinguished

Okay, maybe bright and cheery isn’t exactly your cup of tea first thing in the morning. No sweat! We’ve got some delectably dark bedroom paint ideas that might tickle your fancy. 

Before stepping over to the dark side, you’re going to want to be sure your furniture won’t look out of place with your desired paint color. We also recommend choosing a darker hue of a color you are fond of, like a darker shade of blue, soft black, or even an earthy green or dark purple!

Photo by: William Waldron

Soft & Soothing

If after a long day, the last thing you want is to walk into your bedroom and be taken over by exuberant colors but aren’t feeling the dark vibes, we suggest opting in for a more soothing option. There are tons of calming master bedroom paint ideas out there and even more soothing bedroom paint ideas perfect for nurseries! You might opt-in for a classic sky blue, soft green, a gorgeous mauve, or choose from a handful of peaceful pastels. The possibilities are endless, and we’re confident there is a calming bedroom paint idea to make every bedroom in your home a welcoming place of rest.

 Photo by: @maxArtbovich_photography

Classic Neutrals

Sometimes, less is more, and in the case of bedroom paint ideas, natural colors can go a long way to making your room look put together. Whether it’s a creamy greige (gray-beige) or a crisp shade of white, neutral walls give you the freedom to design a completely new bedroom you can’t help but fall in love with.

Photo by: Douglas Friedman

Quirky Accents

Who said 2021 wall painting ideas for bedrooms had to fit the mold? If you like to think outside the box, consider adding some quirky bedroom paint ideas to your list! From a terrazzo-style nursery accent wall to a wall painting so gorgeous it deserves its own spot in a museum, there is no shortage of colors, patterns, and bedroom paint ideas to choose from! Just be sure you have the right paintbrushes for your intended project, a task our Brush Finder Quiz makes easy!

 Photo by: @dearestchildren

Whether you’re revamping every bedroom in your home or simply wish to bring your master bedroom paint ideas to life, Zibra has ergonomically-friendly Large Surface BrushesDetail Brushes, and handy Painting Accessories you need for your cleanest and most beautiful paint job ever. Shop today and discover the benefits of the Zibra Difference!

Great for detail work
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