What Type of Paint is
Good for Bathrooms?

A bathroom makeover can be a subtle yet fulfilling update to your home. It’s a room that everyone will see at some point, and one that obviously gets a lot of use. So, freshening up such an important space is never a bad idea.

But bathrooms are exposed to a lot more stress than most other rooms in the house. The presence of a shower and/or bathtub means moisture in the air – which can wreak havoc on your walls. Humidity can get under the coat of paint, which can ultimately lead to bubbling. As such, it’s important to tackle a paint job in a bathroom with a little more thought and planning.

Choosing your paint type

The best types of paint for bathrooms are ones that have a little more shine to them – that includes glossy, semi-gloss, or satin finishes. Why? These types of paint are naturally resistant to moisture, since they form a hard coat that helps to keep water out. (You’ll notice that water will drip down the wall, rather than seeping into the paint.)

In addition to deciding on how glossy you want your paint to be, it is important to opt for something that is also mildew-resistant. If you’ve ever used paint in a bathroom that didn’t have mildew-resistant properties, you’ve likely seen mold begin to creep up slowly (and then rapidly) on the ceiling and walls around the shower. This can obviously be, at worst, dangerous to your health, and at best, a huge inconvenience. Avoid having to remove mold and repaint by making a smart decision with your paint from the beginning.

Primer is key

To further prevent peeling, you’ll want to use a primer so that the paint has a chance to bond better to the wall. And of course, look for a primer with those mildew-resistant properties as well.

But first, clean your wall!

Before doing anything with your brand-new mildew-resistant primer and glossy paint, you’ll want to prep your walls. You can learn all the important steps for doing so in this quick read.

Choose your paintbrushes

Beyond just picking your paint, you want to make sure that you have the best brushes to get the job done well.

If you’re painting:

  • molding of any kind, you’ll want a fan paintbrush to get in between crevices.
  • window trim, a square paintbrush will tackle those narrow surfaces easily without making a mess.
  • trim and doors, then you’ll want a trim paintbrush that is angled and can allow for a smooth stroke in between door grooves.

Clean your brushes

Don’t forget that you want your brushes to last you a long time, and the best way to ensure that is to properly clean them so they last!

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