Blue - America's Favorite Color!

By Brie Hansen August 05, 2020 0 comment(s)
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Blue - America's Favorite Color

Blue Rooms!

Did you know that the Number One favorite color in America is BLUE? It shouldn't surprise us and especially when we admire these beautiful examples of blue. Kitchens, bathrooms, home offices, mud rooms, and living spaces - shine with different shades of blue. Blue can shout or it can soothe. A deep rich blue for the masculine pallet and the softest whisper of blue for a feminine appeal. A blue for everyone. These rooms will leave you lifted up, NOT singing the blues!

Kitchens by @thephinery & @love_thelindsays

Bathrooms by @jennasuedesign & @studiomcgee

Offices by @habituallychic & @andrewjhow

Mud Rooms by @lightsonline & @astoriedstyle

Living Spaces by @coburn_hutchinson & @eandainteriors

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