Welcome to the 2021 Zibra Golden Brush Awards!

Furniture Refinishing is an art and deserves to be recognized! Welcome to our 3rd Annual Zibra Golden Brush Awards where we highlight the best of the best in 2021! There is no better recognition than that of your peers and the public. Let the entering begin – scroll down to see the details! (Entries are accepted by refinishers world-wide*)

Our International Judges

Seven member judging panel + the public

Ashley Krug
Blue Wren Interiors
Chloe Kempster
Maisie's House
Jen Talley
Perfectly Imperfect Furniture
Katie Cloud
Katie & Co.
Katie Scott
Salvaged by K. Scott
Lauren Svacina
Portland Row Studio
Sarah Bolton
Sitting Pretty Home Decor
The Rules

Piece MUST HAVE BEEN refinished and completed from January 1, 2021 through December 31, 2021.


Enter ONLY ONE refinished piece per category.


Refinishers can enter one piece in ALL categories.


You must be 18 YEARS of age or older to enter.


FINAL DAY TO ENTER is FRIDAY, JANUARY 21, 2022 at midnight EST.


CHECK your government’s contest rules to determine if you may participate.


Entries must be refinished by EACH BUSINESS. No partnerships allowed.


Employees of Zibra are EXCLUDED from entering.


IF YOUR PIECE IS CHOSEN as a finalist and/or a category “Best of”, you agree to allow Zibra to showcase your piece on and all represented social media accounts.


ANY QUESTIONS regarding the rules or the contest, email Lane Ball at

Category Descriptions

This is for a close-up picture of your piece, from an angled shot, a peak inside the drawers or a close up of the top or the legs – looking for the best close up shot of your piece.


Simple, one color. Keep it simple and classic. No distressing. It can be one color with for example wood legs.


This is for a piece with wow factor. A “we can’t believe it’s the same piece” – beautifully redone to have a dramatic effect on the final piece.

(Before & After Images Required)


Antique, Distressed, Farmhouse Vibe.


Mid-Century Modern Pieces.


This is for the best piece with multiple colors. Whether it’s two colors or 45, whatever has multiple colors can enter this category. From blended, to free hand art and drawings.


Best new comer furniture refinisher of the year. This is someone who only started painting in 2021. If you’re a new artist that started in 2021, share your favorite piece – and it can by any style.


This is for a piece of furniture that was originally built to serve one purpose, but was repurposed for something different. IE a bed into a bench, a desk into vanities. (Before & After Images Required)


This piece of furniture has no paint on it, only top coats. Whether it’s been restored or left as it. This piece of furniture has no paint on it. You may use a transparent wash of paint to preserve the wood tones for the top coat.


This category is for the piece that has the best photo. Good lighting, clear photography and excellent use of props.

The Awards

• Golden Painted Brush Inset in Award Frame (12” x 12”, with name and award won)

• Best of Zibra Paintbrush Kit - 5 Piece (Round, Square, Triangle, Palm Pro Trim, Chiseled Wedge in large canvas bag)

• Featured on our podcast

• Featured on our site

• Featured On Zibra Social Media Accounts

• Digital BEST OF logo available to display on winners sites

FINALISTS RECEIVE: (This Finalist That Do Not Win Best of Category)

• Small Frame of their Piece (with Name and Finalist Mention, Frame not pictured)

• Crafting Paintbrush Kit - 3 Piece (Round, Square and Fan in small canvas bag)

• Featured on for the public to vote and choose BEST OF from each category

• Digital finalist logo available to display on winners sites

Entry Time is Over.

How The Awards Event Is Conducted

As an entrant, you will be the first judge as you have to decide which piece you will enter in which categories – that will be difficult!

The judges will choose three finalists from each of the 10 Categories listed. Entries are evaluated by the judges on their originality, beauty, and category reflection as well as quality photos submitted. Once all the finalists are chosen, they will be featured on and voting will then be open to the public. The finalists receiving the most public votes becomes the “Best” in each category.


Entries accepted January 5 throught Friday, January 21, 2022 until midnight EST.

Three finalists from each of the 10 Categories will be chosen by our 7 International Judges and announced on the Zibra Before and After Podcast and open for public voting from February 2 through February 11, 2022 midnight EST.

BEST OF Winners announced on the Zibra Before and After Podcast on February 16, 2022.


Can I enter any style of furniture?

Yes, as long as it REPRESENTS the appropriate category

How old must I be to enter?

You must be 18 YEARS of age or older to enter.

Do I have to use Zibra brushes to do makeover?

No, but of course, we at Zibra would love for you too!

When will I know if I am chosen?

The chosen pieces will be ANNOUNCED on February 1, 2022 on Zibra's podcast,, and social media.

What happens if I am a finalist or winner?

YOU AGREE to allow Zibra to showcase your piece on and all represented social media accounts.

Can I enter if I live outside the US?

YES! This is an international contest. So, as long as the country, province or state in which you live allows its residents to enter contests. You will need to CHECK with your governments rules/laws if you are unsure.

What if I have more questions about contest?

Any questions regarding the rules or the contest, EMAIL Lane Ball at

How many pieces may I enter?

Refinishers are allowed to enter ONLY one piece per category.

What is the cut-off for entries?

FINAL DAY to enter is January 21, 2022 (11:59pm EST).

What will I win?

Please refer to "THE AWARDS" section above.

How are the finalist and winning pieces determined?

OUR SEVEN JUDGES will vote for their favorites in each category and the top three pieces will be our finalists. Then the winner will be determined by THE PUBLIC who will vote for their favorite piece in each category.

If I win or I am a finalist can I share on my social media and website?

YES! We encourage you to do so.

Are there any local govenment restrictions?

CHECK your government’s contest rules to determine if you may participate.

Who should I contact if I have a form issue?

Please CONTACT Ellis at

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