Meet Courtney Weisel


Our (Simple) Features will include folks who are great at inspiring others with their creativity and skills in painting. We will be introducing these talented artists monthly so check back to be inspired – enjoy!

What’s Your Favorite Element In The Room?
Hears Courtney’s Creative Planning Processes

It’s funny how a piece of furniture can make its way around the home from room to garage back to room! We purchased this changing table/dresser back in 2005 for our oldest daughter when she was born. It worked and looked great for a number of years, although, getting a few scratches here and there. We were never really crazy about having plexiglass on the drawers. It looked nice in an ideal world but when you are in the midst of raising little ones neatness isn’t always priority one. We don’t remember exactly how the dresser ended up in the garage as my tool workbench but nonetheless there it sat as many often commented that it was an awfully nice dresser to have in the garage. We had in the back of our minds that one day we would refinish it. The time arrived. Our youngest daughter needed a new dresser. We decided to get a little creative. Check out our process and let us know what you think!

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