Limited Edition Collaboration Bundle
BB Frosch x Zibra

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Collaborations > Limited Edition Collaboration Bundle with BB Frosch
Limited Edition Collaboration Bundle with BB Frosch

About the Collaboration:

BB Frösch offers a proprietary blend of all-natural minerals to be mixed with ordinary latex flat or acrylic paint, creating a rich and creamy paint that bonds to virtually all surfaces without tedious prep work. We are proud to be partnering with BB Frösch, a family company that creates innovative products with amazing quality.

Zibra Paintbrushes and BB Frösch have collaborated to offer the creative a synthetic brush, in a proprietary blend, to use with the Frösch powders. The kit includes 3 Zibra brushes, plenty of BB Frösch powder, and the ultimate brush conditioning soap leaving you ready to tackle any project!

Click here to shop @ BB Frösch - Happy Painting!

Set Includes:

BB Frösch Paint Transformer (mixes up to one gallon of paint)
Two 8 oz. mixing jars
Wire Mixing Whisk
Zibra® Round Brush
Zibra® 2” Chiseled Wedge Brush
Zibra® 2” Palm Pro
BB Frösch Handmade Brush Conditioning Soap

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