Detail Brushes

How often have you used a brush for a specific application, only because that’s all there was? Painting with a brush is more than just angled sash and flat. We have created a full line of detail brushes that are designed for specific applications, making painting easier and more fun! 

Square Brushes

Painting narrow surfaces like windows and window grids is now a pleasure when using the square brush. This brush is a favorite among many due to its perfect width and incredible bristle pack-out providing a smooth finish and fewer dips!

Part No. PB100LZS

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Triangle Brushes

One of the first creations in our Detail line of brushes, the Triangle brush not only paints corners with precision and accuracy, it works great for cutting in next to trim as well!

Part No. PB125LZT

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Fan Brushes

Molding comes in a multitude of shapes and sizes. The NEW Fan brush was designed to paint them all with speed and fluidity! We optimized the length of the bristles with the tapered design to hug around unique shapes and crevices. We think you will love this brush!

Part No. PB100LZF


Round Brushes

Testing the right shape of a brush to the many different spindles and cylindrical ornate surfaces led us to the simple design of our Round Brush. You’ll get great coverage with a polished finish. Enjoy!

Part No. PB100LZR

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Half Round Brushes

How about a brush that is great for touch-ups on walls, trim and just about anything? We have it! The Half Round Brush. We took the traditional 1″ Flat brush, combined it with the traditional 1″ AS and added a thicker bristle pack-out and optimized the shape. Now you can touch-up flat surfaces plus those tiny crevices with ease!

Part No. PB100LZD

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