What If?

We are a small company of consumer friends with expansive imaginations. You'll probably hear us repeat the phrase what if multiple times in a day as we observe those around us, (including ourselves), always thinking about better ways to do something. Whether at home putting a new coat of paint on the wall, rushing to soccer practice, or in the office opening up the latest postal shipment, we keep pen and paper on hand, sketching out possibilities then gathering to brainstorm our what if lists.  Never limiting our scope of creativity as each of us contributes to the process of changing the what if to that's it! We call ourselves product artisans because we value the experience of a great product design, which works as it was designed, and lasts. If we aren't happy you won't be happy. Ultimately, we work hard to make all our lives a bit more simple.


Introducing the Chiseled Wedge Painter’s Brush.  We observed that consumers are forced into one of two brushes when painting, angled sash or straight, and, those two brushes require consumers, and pros alike, to make do with those brushes for a myriad of painting applications. Imagine a brush that combines the best features of the two standard brushes but includes added features to make it the best all around brush on the market – the perfect edger, trimmer and straight brush. We believe that by combining the two standard brushes, and adding a thicker more robust filament pack-out along with a chiseled and honed tip, we could achieve one of the finest brushes ever created. The Chiseled Edge Series.    

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