UGO Design_Function9 Mar 2017

UGO Shopping Cart

  We love challenges at Zibra! From product-innovating the painting experience to product-innovating the shopping experience, we thrive on creating phenomenal experiences. We couldn't be more excited to be launching, what we believe, will change grocery shopping forever.   Zibra's latest greatest design is the shopping cart - the most important and impactful shopper touchpoint at retail. Because ours is the first redesign of the shopping cart in over 70 years it would be easy to highlight the

2 Jun 2016

Is a Brush Really Just a Brush?

I remember as a kid collecting baseball cards, I would always lay them out on the floor, or my bed, and stand back and look at my full collection. Sort of a bird's eye view. We decided to do that with our line of detail paint brushes. Our goal (born out of our painting frustrations) was to develop brushes that were for specific applications. We are pretty proud that as a small company, surrounded by paint

19 Nov 2014

Passion Takes Flight!

Have you ever heard of a man by the name of Samuel Langley? At the turn of the 20th Century, America was obsessed with flying, so much so in fact that the government of the United States offered Langley a fifty thousand dollar grant to be the first to fly a manned aircraft. Samuel Langley sat on the Board of Directors at Harvard, was the secretary of the Smithsonian Institute, and used the grant money

6 Aug 2014

Enjoying simple!

Life seemed so much simpler forty years ago - now that I'm an adult I know that these things are relative yet I can't help but wonder if all the modern technology hasn't detracted from the organic environment of life, simply lived. At Zibra, we set out to redesign our website with simplicity in mind. We wanted our website to reflect our philosophy - making life simple. We are excited about this new site because